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AmCharts V4.8.0

AmCharts V4.8.0

AmCharts V4.8.0

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AmCharts V4.8.0

Working with the new Interactive features of AmCharts. #804. 1174 About AmCharts, AmCharts is a free, open source " .Hi everyone! The Team is back to work, starting on great things ahead for the year. We’ve been busy touring, preparing for up coming shows, putting the finishing touches on “Human Intensity,” and…

We’re proud to announce the newest addition to our roster, BEAST GEAR! They’ve joined the ranks and are shipping their first set of shirts right now. To be the first on board, they’ve had their designs made and we’ve got them in stores and online as well as being available to pre-order for you.

As soon as the orders start hitting in, there will be more details on availability to both our fans and you. Until then, enjoy the news about BEAST GEAR and support the love that the Beasts work so hard to bring you.


Lead vocalist Vinnie Hornsby, lead guitarist John ‘Alainué’ Opperman, rhythm guitarist/keyboardist Marco Sfogli, bass guitarist/backing vocalist Oliver Cooke, and drummer Jason Bush join forces with Beast bassist/backing vocalist Richard Wayman.For many years the field of releasable coupling devices has been a constantly growing field of development. There are many applications for use in environments where it is desirable to effect an easily releasable connection to an adjacent member of a plurality of members. These can be for example, joining members together or separate members, for example a housing to a cover plate.
Examples of such devices may be found in any environment where pieces are joined together in a fixed relationship or where it is desirable to be able to separate the pieces. In these environments it is well known that this is usually done by fitting a plurality of coupling members together into a fixed relationship and then releasably holding them together by the use of some form of biasing device. This biasing device could be by the use of a spring. However, there are applications where springs can be used and it is not always convenient to use a spring. Alternatively, a spring could be replaced by a torsion bar. This can be in the form of a long fixed bar or a winding bar. However, there are also disadvantages to the use of this form of device. The lengths of these devices

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